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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 27, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, financial markets around the world opening overnight, the first full day of trading since britain voted to leave the eu. britain's treasury chief trying to calm nerves moments ago and some voters now regretting their choice. we're live with the latest. a plane bursts into flames on the runway. see what led the pilot to make an emergency landing moments before. gaining ground, hillary clinton widening her lead over donald trump in a new national poll and trump now making an adjustment to his proposal to temporarily ban all muslims. talk about horse power. see how drivers in texas jumped into action after this riderless horse came galloping down a busy freeway.
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good monday morning. we'll get started with the financial turmoil after britain's vote to exit the european union. markets were mixed with chinese and japanese stocks slightly higher. but the overnight futures indicate another down day on wall street. there are concerns the brexit vote could trigger a global recession. here's abc's lana zak. >> reporter: the world is bracing for another day of financial anxiety after friday's brexit shocker. early this morning british authorities trying to reassure jittery markets before their opening. >> we were prepared for the unexpected and we are equipped for whatever happens. >> reporter: asian stock markets today mixed reflecting the ongoing uncertainty. friday's surprise announcement triggered global sell-offs. 2$2.1 trillion wiped out internationally, $830 billion in the u.s. alone. >> when we woke up we realized that first of all the markets
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had vastly underestimated the outcome. >> reporter: in the uk now nearly 3.5 million people have signed a petition to hold a second referendum. >> i think everyone is kind of regretting it. >> it's ludicrous. you can't just keep going, can you? >> reporter: on "this week" the british ambassador said too late for buyers' remorse. >> once in a generation vote and the result was final. >> reporter: but there may be another vote in scotland. as they consider the possibility of leaving the uk in favor of staying in the eu. >> what we know for sure the european union faces real uncertainty and deeply damaging economic consequences from brexit so independence may be the best option of securing stability for scotland and an option we must have the right to consider. >> reporter: remember, david cameron says that he is getting out as well so before the brits can figure out how they get out of the eu, first they have to figure out who is going to get them there.
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kendis, diane. >> a lot of jockeying for position already going on in that battle. lana zak live in washington. thanks, lana. also breaking overnight a frightening situation on a packed jetliner. the entire wing of the singapore airlines boeing 777 was engulfed in flames. the plane left singapore on a flight to italy but turned around shortly after because of a warning about oil in an engine. when it landed you see there the wing bursting into flames. the 241 people on board left the plane on a mobile set of stairs. no one was injured. the damage to the wing was fairly extensive and an investigation is under way there. and back here at home tragedy in a small colorado town. five family members on their way to church were killed when their minivan was hitably an amtrak train. the parent and three of their daughters died. a 4-year-old was flown to the hospital with serious injuries and the colorado state patrol says it failed to yield for the train. areas of west virginia hard hit by flooding face more heavy rain today.
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at least 25 counties are under a flash flood watch. the death toll now stands at 25 as the search for victims continues. the flood watch includes hardest hit greenbrier county where 16 people have died and floodwaters have yet to recede. thousands are still without power. in central california crews are making progress against the wildfire east of bakersfield that has already claimed two lives. it's now about 40% contained due to large part to lighter winds. the fire began thursday and tore through small communities of houses and mobile homes in the foothills of southern sierra nevada. the victims who died were an elderly couple with medical problems who couldn't escape the flames. hillary clinton opened occupy a double-digit lead over trump. trump is struggling in other areas after a rough month on the campaign trail. we get the latest right now from abc's mary bruce.
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long with other speakers like the dalai lama and lady gaga comes after good news in the polls. >> you can't respond with a snarky tweet, bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence. >> reporter: a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows a dramatic shift in the race for the white house. clinton leading rival donald trump 51% to 39%. the 12-point gap the biggest so far. trump spent saturday in scotland promoting his golf course. >> would a muslim coming from great britain, have you stated your policy on that. >> it's very early in the game. >> reporter: his proposed ban appears to be evolving but the latest numbers suggest damage from that policy proposal and others has been done. 66% of americans say he's biased against women, minorities and muslims. and a stunning 64% say he's not
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qualified to be president. the highest number yet. the billionaire supporters admit he has work to do but say he can bridge the divide. as for the question of who will help him do that as vice president? one man thought to be a contender says he's in the dark like everyone else. >> nobody's called me. nobody said would you like to be. nobody said would you be willing to be considered. nobody said anything. he's probably going to start thinking about it about two days before cleveland. >> reporter: that's a month a y away. mary bruce. the fallujah is fully liberated from isis, it is claimed. there was an all-out offensive to reclaim the city and thousands of militants were killed. unclear when residents can return home. the prime minister says the recapture of another major city mosul will happen again soon. the supreme court is examin expected to wrap up its term. the eight justices will decide what could be the most important
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abortion case in 25 years. a challenge to stricter regulations in texas. a high court will rule on a ban of gun ownership for people convicted of domestic violence and the corruption case of bob mcdonnell they're weighing in it. the pope says the roman catholic church should apologize to gays for the way it has treated them. the church has no right to judge the gay community and should show it respect. the pontiff added that the church should also seek forgiveness from other people it has marginalized such as women and the poor and made the comments on board the plane as he returned from armenia. still ahead one of the biggest supports stars in the world has a very big announcement overnight about his career. roller coaster crash, passengers injured after a ride derails. the dramatic pictures from the scene. check out this feeding frenzy. a front review of sharks on the hunt.
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some sports fishermen off tampa got a close look at this. first the hammerhead chased a tarpon and the tarpon lands on the boat as it tries to get away. the shark, though, did eventually catch up with the tarpon, the two thrashed around in the water for awhile. didn't look like a happy ending for the tarpon. we'll just say that. there are no ares after a neo-nazi rally in california turned violent leaving ten injured. some stabbed. streets around the capital in sacramento were closed as more than 100 police in riot gear responded to the scene. and it all apped when white nationalists and its opponents
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clashed. investigators in scotland want to know why five roller coaster cars flew off the track. the riders plunged nearly 0 feet to the ground and became trapped some of them upside down. eight of the injured were children. some of those who were hurt were on the ground. five years ago riders were stuck for nine hours on that same roller coaster. there were some frightening moments on a coaster here at home as well. the ride at an amusement park in phoenix got stuck leaving three stranded about 35 feet in the air. park workers secured the car and firefighters used a ladder to bring everyone down safely. you see it there. it's unclear what caused the ride to get stuck. at the movies this weekend it was another big weekend for a little blue fish. "finding dory" from disney our parent company easily remained on top for its second weekend. dory found another 73 million at the box office. "independence day: resurgence" no fireworks there, just 42
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often see even if you live in texas. that's a riderless horse galloping down the busy 610 freeway. now, christopher mckelvey imagined to capture the video that has gone viral. he and others were eventually able to corral the horse. >> a look at morning road conditions. showers and a few storms are possible from the plains to the ohio valley. a few showers and storms possible in the rockies from new mexico to colorado and wyoming. >> if you're flying gusty winds and storms could result in airport delays in atlanta and houston. two brothers who escaped from a south carolina jail are back in custody this morning but the manhunt continues for a third inmate. >> police say michael and matthew chaplain surrouendered. they broke out through a narrow cell window. donald littleville wanted on a parole violation still on the run. the mayor of a town was robbed and carjacked right in his own town. sanford mayor jeff triplette
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says he had just parked outside a friend's house a little after 2:00 a.m. when he was approached by three teenagers when all of a sudden he had a gun pointed in his face. >> very violent act. it was very scary, they said some very, you know, i'm going to kill you and you just don't say that and you shouldn't be able to get away with that. >> they did get away with his mercedes-benz but soon crashed it. two have been arrested and triplett says being robbed was unnerving. he says it was just a crime of opportunity, wrong place, wrong time. country music star kenny chesney is apologizing to a philadelphia area cop because of rumors his demise were greatly exaggerated and told concertgoers saturday night that officer christopher dorman had died after being shot seven times but dorman was actually only injured, in fact, he'll be released from the hospital today. chesney called the cop in the hospital yesterday to apologize and said, he would like to take
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dorman to an eagles game and even have a few beers with him. the jet skiing couple in southern california is okay after a very close call in newport beach. they were speeding across a 20-foot wave near the wedge, a popular surfing spot. but the wave collapsed on them and the jet ski was thrown on to the rock, the couple into the water and they were rescued by lifeguards and body surfers known as the wedge crew. very happy to see that. an odd scene at a nascar truck series race over the weekend. two drivers who collided there with each other. well, that ended their races but -- >> only one thing left to do. >> throw down, john wes townley and spencer gallagher had some differences to settle so they went at it. >> here's the thing, neither guy did much damage to the other. might be the strangest part how long it took for anyone to break them up. it's like one of them really wanted to say you're lucky you're holding me back but wanted to see how this would finish. no one -- >> everybody was continuing on about their business.
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these guys were hugging it out sort of. >> is this in slow motion. >> oh, there we go. thank you. speedy. lionel messi says he's done with international soccer. messi played for argentina last night in the copa america tournament final against chile. after a scoreless draw he missed his penalty kick in a shoot-out. chile went on to win the title and messi is now calling it quits after those defeats in the finals of four major tournaments over the years. he just turned 29 and will continue playing for his club, team barcelona but says as for this, this just isn't for me. >> maybe a little emotional. see if he really follows through. >> back up. just kidding. up next in "the pulse" remembering prince at the b.e.t. awards. the emotional tributes and other memorial moments from the show. a little girl's letter to george h.w. bush trying to get the former president to eat his greens. i work 'round the clock.
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♪ it is "the pulse" time. big night for b.e.t. where the biggest winner turned out to be the late great prince. >> last night's show was centered around a series of tributes for prince including a powerful performance by sheila e. to a medley of some of the superstar's greatest hits and jennifer hudson brought down the house with a very moving rendition of "purple rain." ♪ only want to see you dancing in the purple rain ♪ ♪ purple rain purple rain >> can y'all sing it with me? ♪ purple rain purple rain
4:22 am
♪ yeah >> also channeled his inner prince with a passionate performance of "the beautiful ones" even lying on the floor, very classic prince special. >> so many tributes to him it was absolutely beautiful. the show took a political turn with celebrities urging viewers to register to vote and then there was this moment, "grey's anatomy" star jesse williams brought the crowd to its feet as he accepted the humanitarian award with a rousing speech that lasted nearly six minutes. >> the more we learn about who we are and how we got here the more we will mobilize. now, this is also in particular for the black women, in particular who have spent their lifetimes dedicated to nurturing everyone before themselves. we can and will do better for you. now -- >> a rousing and still trending. he has been deeply involved in the black lives matter movement. samuel l. jackson saying it was like hearing from a 1960s
4:23 am
activist. next up former president george h.w. bush is no fan of broccoli. during his presidency he famously said he hasn't liked it since he was a little kid. well now a 5-year-old named cooper is trying to convince bush that broccoli is a good thing. >> cooper wrote to bush saying in part that during a recent dinner he not only ate all of his broccoli but all of his brother's broccoli too and cooper said he wished that bush also liked broccoli. >> the former president replied on twitter saying proud of young cooper's interest in healthy eating. his declared love of broccoli is general win, if also unp unpersuasi unpersuasive. >> glad you're willing to share your broccoli with the former president, no need. a kid getting a lot of attention. basically for doing this. >> the staredown. >> kind of scares me. >> he noticed a tv camera pointing right at him at a college baseball game. this is the baseball world
4:24 am
series over the weekend and there's his reaction. >> the staredown lasted for a little bit. the kid looking right into the lens and never blinking. he moves his eyebrows and shoulders a little bit but never loses eye contact with the viewers. eventually it had to end and a viral sensation was born. oh, man. look at that stare. >> might see that in my dreams now. >> it's the eyebrows kill. finally a motorcycle racer doing whatever it take, this was rider mark marquez going down during a qualifying run. >> now in order to get back to his pit crew for replacement bike he needed something so he used a photographer's scooter and he did make it back to his pit crew and finished qualifying by getting a replacement bike with them. he went on to finish second in the real race. great going by him. >> yes, smart heads-up move. more news after this. all her aches and pains.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, it is monday morning, 4:27 a.m., i hope you had a great week. a delaware county police officer who was shot in the line of duty is expected to be released from the hospital today. we're learning about on going radio issues happening at the time of the shooting. a philadelphia teenager is recovering from a gunshot wound. frightening moments for 200 people on board a plane. that's the wing on fire. rain moves in later today with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll take a look at traffic, it's all coming up. endeds a life-changing moment. >> hard-working tennessee teenager down on his luck struggling to put food on his
4:28 am
table but had a change of fortune after crossing paths with a man who refused to turn a blind eye to his predicament. get more from abc's david wright. >> reporter: it was a chance meeting at a grocery store that ended up changing lives. it all started when chauncy black offered to carry matt white's grocery bags to his car in exchange for a bag of doughnuts. >> you could tell he didn't have anything and he was asking to work to get some food, you know, and it just broke my heart. >> when is the last time you got clothes? >> three years. >> reporter: chauncy a straight a student lives with his mom who is too sick to work. so chauncy does everything he can, cutting grass, washing cars, working hard to keep food on the table. >> you don't have any furniture in your house. >> one couch. >> i'm sleeping on the floor. >> reporter: white says when he saw that he had to do something. he launched a gofundme page that
4:29 am
ended up raising close to a quarter million dollars. >> you're going to be able to get a house, a nice house. it's going to be yours. >> i don't know what to say. i don't know what to do. you know, chauncy told me not to cry but i don't know. i might break down in tears. >> reporter: chauncy has changed matt's life too. >> i couldn't do what he did at 16 years old. i couldn't go out and earn keep for my mom like he did. he just makes me humble. >> reporter: all because of some groceries and a bag of doughnuts. david wright, abc news, new york. >> wonderful story. >> the original goal was to raise enough to get the family a lawn mower they got a lawn mower and raised well more than expected. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america." have a great monday.
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>> good morning everyone, it is 4:30 a.m., monday, june 27. tam is off, nydia han joins us. folcroft police say officer christopher dorman will be released from the hospital today expwhrrchl "action -- "action n" learned about dispatch problem when the police officer was shot. >> we're looking for wet weather, as storms move our way later today and tonight. >> i'm sor.


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